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28 Apr 2024 at 22:32 The quantity was very less for the price and the taste not good. I would avoid North Indian dishes at this restaurant.
21 Apr 2024 at 0:33 Set dosa was good. White chutney was also fresh and tasty. Vadas needed a few more minutes of frying. Mini idlis were good too. (Staff called to offer this instead of the regular idlis as they were out of it). Was good overall.
18 Mar 2024 at 22:21 My food didn't arrived. I had to cancel the order as the delivery guy couldn't deliver the food
6 Mar 2024 at 17:02 The dosa was burnt and black
1 Mar 2024 at 22:16 The quality has really gone bad. The kulcha I ordered was not cooked at all (90% of it was still raw and I had to cook it myself on a pan at home) Ridiculous. Might never be ordering again.
1 Mar 2024 at 20:32 It took more than 2 hr to deliver. And I t always delivered food late
26 Feb 2024 at 8:47 The quality of the food was bad and was not worth the price. It reached cold and extremely late. It doesn't matter if it was a Sunday. If the restaurant doesn't have the capacity to serve quality food on time, then it must shut itself down.
9 Feb 2024 at 20:45 Chatani and sambar was not good may be not freshly prepared one which they want pass on to people being delivered for the customer. We spent so much money for food but we get substandard food to eat it is not good.
8 Feb 2024 at 22:14 Masala Dosa was so oily that both my husband and I had an upset stomach after eating it. We have ordered many times before but never had this experience. The restaurant should really focus on food quality if they want to keep their regular customers.
5 Jan 2024 at 19:54 The order for the first time was received on time. But this time, one of the coconut chutneys had gone bad(not edible). I am a regular customer of Krishna Vilas Eindhoven but this experience has left me not sure about the quality food being.
27 Dec 2023 at 21:40 Lekker eten en goed warm
23 Dec 2023 at 16:49 Food was not that good